Dear Doug

Dear Doug, I apologize for squeezing bruises onto your forearms. Sorry I used fingernails on some of those squeezes. Sorry for the evil glares and wishing that when I was blowing and panting, I was blowing flames. Sorry for screaming in your ears and crying on your shoulders. I’m sorry I wouldn’t go to the […]

idle threats

We have been home for a full day now but I am just too tired to blog. Maybe Evan will sleep for longer than 20 minute intervals tonight. Otherwise I think I may stay in bed with Evan all day tomorrow and ignore the cleaning that must constantly be done to keep up with 5 […]

labor pic

Doug – After receiving the epidural, Cathy decided everyone should be in the bed for the delivery. Cathy – After the epidural I actually felt human enough to SEE the rest of the family.

It’s a boy.

21:35 7 pounds 3.8 ounces pictures at under djuggler and posts at

off to the Fort

Heading to the hospital. I think we’ll have a long night but Doug and the rest of the family are not happy with me staying home any longer.

easy part of labor

Doug is too eager to go to the hospital. “Are you ready to go yet?” Tommy has decided to tantrum all day. Sarah is angry that I made her come home from her friend’s house (she slept there last night and had stuff planned to do today). Noah is playing Star Wars on the PS2 […]


Top 10 List of: Things That Happen When Mom Takes a Bath 10. The phone rings. 9. Someone knocks on the door. 8. Two of the children decide to squabble LOUDLY. 7. Someone gets a boo-boo that needs immediate attention. 6. Molly drinks the bath water and leaves behind a trail that I will slip […]