cat zen

Gimli smiles in his sleep. While the dogs hint that they are dreaming of play by running and gurfing in their sleep, this cat relaxes completely. Sleep is the only time that Gimli is truly relaxed. Clearly, Gimli dreams about… sleeping.

brain drain

Sometimes, Sawyer asks to snuggle. Most of the time, this means he wants to sit in my lap. I then carefully nudge him to talk, only to discover that he isn’t upset about anything. He just needed to be held for a while. I would put down a fire extinguisher and let the stove burn […]

Second verse, same as the first

“I will see you in a few hours.” “Actually, I looked at the clock when I went in your room last night and it was 3. From now on, I’ll go to your bed at 3.” “I will see you at 3.” “You’re getting better at this.”

Ado, ado, ado

“Goodnight.” “You know I’m going to sneak in your bed in an hour. Instead of saying goodnight, you should tell me that you will see me later.” “I’ll see you in a few hours.” “That’s better.”

dreaming of wakefulness

As I tucked the edges of the blanket that would soon be kicked to the floor under Sawyer, he asked me to lean close so that he could tell me something important. I tilted my head and put my ear near his face. Sawyer popped his arms out of the blanket cocoon and turned my […]

old AND boring

Did I ever mention that we had the house to ourselves for two full hours this weekend and we slept the entire time? Oh. Well then… nevermind.

Tales from the family bed

Part one: Sometime between midnight and two in the morning, Sawyer crawls in our bed to snuggle, twirl and steal blankets. It’s something he has always done. The only change in this routine is that for the past year, instead of immediately crawling between us, he stands beside sleeping Dad and softly whispers, “Can I […]


When my children were babies, my recurring nightmare was a toddler knocking the car into gear and the car rolling away while I stood beside it, holding an infant in a car seat. Sunday night, I dreamed all night about trying to escape rising waters. At some point in the dream, I became separated from […]

Cold feet

My feet are perpetually cold. While it’s not a new development that would warrant sudden concern about my circulation, my uncomfortably icy feet have gotten progressively more noticeable as the clock spins faster. Frozen feet are at their most annoying when I am trying to sleep. I toss and turn to get comfortable enough to […]