super chill

Today was wonderful. All the children were home. My mother was here. We talked, ate, talked more and laughed. I felt no anxiety. I rolled with problems. It was perfect.

I’m thinking about taking a non-sick, non-stressed, celebrate my state of not-worrying-about-people-and-politics day off tomorrow. I actually feel guilty that I am able to have this privilege. I know that others don’t. 2016 has been brutal. I’m exhausted.

Happy, but tired.

best case scenario

I’m not buying into Jill’s ‘send me money and I’ll make them do their due diligence’ routine. What I am coming around to is the opinion that the new VP, despite his infliction of his beliefs on others, is less internationally destructive than the monosyllabic, insecure, vengeful, wannabe mobster. America could recover from four years of Pence. The world is in danger with Trump at the helm. Pence would step down at the end of his term. Trump will assume dictatorship.

On purpose?

A's friend: "You should change your hair to red."
A: "My mom accidentally colored her hair red. < – turns to me – > It's not that bad, though."
Me: "I chose this color intentionally."
A: "What? On purpose? You… It's… Uh… Nevermind."
A's friend: < – temporarily speechless because she's trying not to laugh – >

Vroom Vroom

I spend an inordinate amount of time in the car. I drive the children here and there. I retrieve the children from hither and yon. I sit in carpool lines. I drive to and from the grocery and the big, red bullseye store. I spend so much time in the car that I have wished I could slide the car’s seat cushion out and flip it over to avoid it developing a dent the exact shape of my fanny.

Last night, we had a three generation movie outing that had me driving home well after midnight. With the XM cranked to 11, I realized I don’t actually hate driving. I hate being on the roads with other drivers. Driving is super chill when you aren’t constantly watching for another driver to try and kill you. Between the movie and twisty roads all to myself, I came home at one in the morning in the best mood ever.

Then, the cats demanded breakfast at 5 a.m.