Dear mouthy teenagers,

Cattle guard? Seriously? You really think it’s funny to mock a group of girls who are incredibly smart, talented and kind? These girls are honor roll students. They are in the honor society and key club. They work jobs and they volunteer in the community. One other little thing, they won every Color Guard competition […]

git yer hand stamped

So, I went to the Color Guard competition Saturday night. It was in a very northern area of Knoxville which I rarely visit. As I paid the parental extortion fee to watch my own child performing in her half a grand a semester activity while wearing 50 dollars of makeup, the person collecting the fee […]

I’m not a pageant mom, but . . .

When life was so simple that I could get worked up over things that don’t matter, I complained about the evils of putting small children in beauty pageants. I made sure everyone knew I was boycotting the televised pageants for 18-year-olds. I was very confident and uncompromising in my brilliant pre-parent years. Then, I had […]