Big red bullseye store

The only thing that we didn’t pack for our trip to DC was Amy’s sneakers. Because of that, our first outing began with a trip to Target. I listened to one half of a conversation. Doug: “Hello.” “We’re at Target.” “We forgot Amy’s shoes. I’m making a video.” “The escalator! It’s awesome!” I missed the […]

easily amused

Five bazillion museums, memorials and monuments to see in DC, but we had to stop and play on the lawn.

Wasn’t expecting THAT

Before we left for DC, we had multiple conversations with the children in an attempt to prevent problems. Although the most repeated topic was what to do if you get lost, we also talked about big city manners and safety. “Always look both ways.” “Don’t kick the seat in front of you.” “Use your inside […]

locals make the best tour guides

I owe a big thanks to my brother for playing tour guide while we were in DC last week. If not for Danny, I wouldn’t know such valuable things as: “This is where Monica Lewinsky was deposed.” “This statue made so many people angry that the compromise was to place it outside the memorial.” “That’s […]

BlogHer DC 2008

Sunday – After what shall forever be known as the week of a zillion hysterical Tweets, Sarah, Missy and I piled into a Saturn VUE and drove from Knoxville to DC. Okay, we drove to Bethesda, but that’s like DC’s version of Farragut. Actually, the only thing Farragut and Bethesda have in common is that […]