thirsty pets

If the upstairs water dish is empty, then… elderly dog will use her nose to repeatedly slam the toilet seat until we fill the water dish, birdbrain dog will lick the empty water dish until we fill the water dish, Gimli the cat will lick the walls of the bathtub until we fill the water […]

cat zen

Gimli smiles in his sleep. While the dogs hint that they are dreaming of play by running and gurfing in their sleep, this cat relaxes completely. Sleep is the only time that Gimli is truly relaxed. Clearly, Gimli dreams about… sleeping.

drip, drip, drip

We live in an old house with what is politely known as personality. The long list of things that need simple repairs is low priority when something else is dripping, sparking or overflowing. Except for the occasional lightning strike destroying the a/c or a hail storm destroying the roof and siding, repairs are limited to […]

Dogs are children too

If you ask the question, “Would the dogs prefer a sliced or unsliced antler? see what Tree House Puppy reviews thinks.” And you answer it, “Let’s get one of each and see which they prefer.” Then you will spend an entire day saying things like, “Stop that growling right now.” And, “Be nice. Kisses. Be […]

Dog tales

When I sit down at my computer, the dogs consider it a challenge to become the objects of my attention. They sneak up and smack my mouse hand with their heads. They lick my elbows. They put their heads in my lap and make sad eyes. They lick my elbows. They toss their metal food […]

redecorating the tree

A. Evan moves the ornaments from the middle of the tree to the bottom of the tree. B. The dogs knock the ornaments to the floor. C. I move the ornaments from the floor to the middle of the tree. D. Repeat. All the day long.

hypno dogs

“You will throw the ball. You want to throw the ball. You are going to throw the ball.”