late night conversations

“Are those tampons in his nose?” “That’s a real first aid thing.” “I know that. I packed them for ReadingNoah on one of our camping trips.” “Must not have been the desert camping trip. I’ve seen the pictures.” “No. That was the Packtowl nosebleeds trip.”

timing is everything

Me: “I’m going out to run errands. Need anything?” Family: “Nope.” I text home two hours later. “Heading home unless anyone needs something.” Text from child: “Nobody needs anything.” I come home, unload groceries and sit down to remove my shoes and read email. An hour later, I remove my bra and spend half an […]


The older he gets, the more familiar my father becomes with death. Last breaths at hospital bedsides, holding the hand of a neighbor internally hemorrhaging on the curb, waiting with a friend for professionals to remove their spouse from the home and endlessly facing his own mortality is my father’s life. Every time death happens, […]

just another Saturday

The weekends are the only time that I can get out of the house, but Saturday mornings all the children are home so, Saturday mornings are spent at home, surrounded by family. Late Saturday afternoons, we head out for adventures. This adventure began in one of my favorite places, Hippie Holler. Although serious decluttering will […]

stir crazy conversations

“Stop breathing in my face. I’ll suffocate from the used up air.” “Would you like me to sleep on the couch so that you can breathe unused air?” “We don’t have a couch. We have a love seat. We should fix that for when you won’t quit breathing in my face.” “Or when you are […]

ripping off scabs

I’m not going to tell the story of where I was or what I was doing eleven years ago. I’ve told the story enough. It doesn’t matter to anyone but me what I was doing. Stop asking. If you need stories, re-read the stories from the people who lost loved ones, from the people who […]

Bumpy Day

Hump Day. Wednesdays are the middle of the work/school week. It’s the day that sends us sliding down the hill toward the weekend. Wednesday is a metaphorical bump in the road. Sometimes, Wednesday is less of a playground equipment ladder to climb and more of an obstacle course. It began with a ringing phone, except […]

Dear Dad,

Now that we know your parents are alive, it’s time for you to stop using “this could be the last time” to control everyone’s schedules. Since it is possible that any activity is ANYONE’S last time, everyone could use that expression. If it’s true for everyone, it is redundant to say what is always true. […]

Practice SAT questions

1. If a bottle of 100 Tylenol caplets has one broken caplet, what are the odds that you will get one half of the broken caplet every single time you try to get two whole caplets? 2. If patting a hand rhythmically against anything results in a very large dog crawling in your lap for […]

Jury Duty

Last week, I got summoned for Jury Duty. I spend most of Monday – Friday in the car or in a school, but I got chosen for Jury Duty. There are a bajillion people who don’t have lives that are completely focused on their five children, but they chose me for Jury Duty. Because every […]