“Did you turn in your graduation announcements order form and check when you got measured for your cap and gown?” “Well, I was running late for lunch and umm, uh, no. I didn’t do any of that stuff.” “You had ONE job.” “Actually, I had many jobs. I had to do my internship paperwork, study […]

The images should be interesting

Dad: “Don’t forget you have a nurse appointment tomorrow.” Boy teen: “I do? Why?” Mom: “It’s just your HPV booster.” Dad: “Herpes or something.” Mom: “Cervical cancer.” Dad: “Do you have a cervix, son?” Boy teen: “Uh, I guess so.” Dad: “Really?” Boy teen: “Hang on. I’m googling it.” Dad: “You should do that?”

Food Brain

Several months ago, someone used my credit card to do some online shopping. I wanted to figure out how it happened so that I wouldn’t repeat whatever allowed the theft to occur. I found it extremely frustrating that neither the bank nor the online retailer would tell me the address of the recipient of the […]

Carl Sagan

Me: “Today is Carl Sagan Day.” Noah: “Who?” Me: “Oh, Noah. Get out your iPad and accurately describe Carl Sagan in 140 characters.” Noah: “Seriously?” Me: “Completely serious. Didn’t you ever wonder why your dad and I like to say bill-i-ons and bill-i-ons?” Noah: “No. You guys say LOTS of weird stuff.” You know that […]

fuzzy pictures, clear memories

That is probably the cleanest picture I took during my New York visit. I also like my less impressive, cell phone picture of the Bethesda Fountain. Neither picture is my favorite. My favorite picture was taken less than a minute after the sparkly Manhattan picture at the top of this post when I turned the […]

Not just any beans

Me: “Have you eaten anything other than funnel cake today?” Girl Teen: “I just finished eating some baked beans.” Me: “Beans?” Girl teen: “Bush’s beans. I didn’t think I could buy them in New York, so I hid a can in my luggage.” Me: “The luggage we shipped so you could travel to school on […]


Since Jedi Camp was in Oak Ridge, I did a lot of waiting between drop-off and pick-up. One day, I used my waiting time to read “Feed” by M.T. Anderson. Feed is a young adult fiction novel that is a cautionary tale, a la Reefer Madness, about the dangers of technology, social media and the […]

conversation with a neighborhood teen

He: “Did you hear there’s only one Beatle left?” Me: “There are two Beatles alive.” He: “Nuh-uh. George Harrison died.” Me: “Yes he did, but there are still two Beatles alive.” He: “Wow. They must be really old.”