The zoo (not my family) project is too depressing to think about any more. Too few exhibitors, entertainers dropping out, no shirts or stickers, apathy in all but three people and (worst of all) Doug has to do a *#!@ casino with his ex-wife and her boyfriend in exchange for us borrowing the table skirts and decorations. I can’t begin to explain how much this bothers me.

The other scouts aren’t asking their schools or churches about the yarn and fabric collection for Project Linus. I still don’t have a major drop-off location that I can use as leverage to get an article in the paper.

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  1. Don’t worry. While I’m having sex with her, I’ll call out Cathy’s name. That’ll get her goat!

    I doubt there will be a need for “interference.” They may not even be there and its not like I’d even notice if they were. The craps table is me, the person helping me and the people being entertained. It’s not like you have much of a breather to even look up from the table.

    As for mind games, I’m quite proficient in them.

    I’ve moved on. You guys catch up with me. The view is better up here.

  2. I am sure Sabrina is looking forward to doing the casino with both Doug and Loni. She can play all sorts of mind games.

    My father won’t let us ask at the church because “that’s not a church project” just like he wouldn’t let her “peddle cookies in God’s house.”

  3. I don’t care what you say here. I don’t like her or what she did and I trust her even less. Every time she sees you she tries to manipulate you.

  4. I think that Doug has to be the one to be seen helping them since they are trusting him with their equipment for the zoo event. Thank you for your generous offer though.

  5. It’s not us getting over something or above it…we just don’t want her in your life. She treated you badly and you are in a better place now, and all we want is for you to stay there. That’s it…nothing more, nothing less. Just trying to help decrease the stress.

  6. Oh I’m sure Sabrina wants to play mind games, but I was thinking if Dean could maybe run interference between them. I was just trying to help diffuse the situation.

  7. Thanks! You guys help very much! And your comments are always enjoyed.

    Now how come no one commented on the sex comment?!

  8. The sex thing is always a given…and I’m sure since Sabrina is a true east Tennessian she will forsure have a goat. That’s so they don’t have to cut their grass. She probably raised it in 4-H.


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