It’s a beautiful fall day and Amy is in a wonderfully playful mood so let’s spend two three #@*! hours arguing with Tommy’s teachers and administration while convincing Amy to play quietly. Yep, that should ruin everyone’s mood quite completely.

Result: The school believes Tommy is deliberately not cooperating with them and they are going to repeat every test and evaluation to try and get him diagnosed ODD instead of Aspergers so they can stop trying to help him. I am ticked big-time.

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  1. Cathy, I so wish the best for you and Tommy.

    Our school district seems to support my 5-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome but I could see them turning on him one day.

    Please take care.

  2. oh oh and when you get home in a rotten mood, Amy will be crying, the phone will be ringing and the toilet flooding – just making it the worst day possible and everyone in the very worst mood. LOL

  3. Sorry you have to go through this…it’s scary to think I could be fighting similar battles in a few years depending on how my son is supported while he’s still young.

    I hope the dx of AS is even more certain if they do the testing again so you can shove in their faces.


  4. The testing to which Cathy refers had two states in the meeting. First comment “we are just going to sign off saying no testing is needed.” Someone else perks up “oh no! We need ODD testing.”

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