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Knox County Schools just rezoned Sarah to go to a high school on the other side of town instead of the school where Tommy is and will be next year. I am so angry I can’t even think straight. I am supposed to have two children in two different high schools? They want Sarah to travel twice as far to a school that doesn’t want her instead of the school where I know all the teachers and administration? They want me to tell her that all the work she’s been doing to get tested out of some classes and accepted in clubs and activities is for nothing? I have phone calls to make and e-mails to send ( I am beyond furious right now and if “Mama ain’t happy, then nobody’s gonna be happy.”

4 thoughts on “too mad to blog

  1. OMG I would have someones HEAD for that! GO GET EM MOM!!!! If I lived there I’d write one in support but I dun think a letter postmarked Houston, TX is gonna have much sway with the board!

  2. I can’t believe they want you to split up your children – our school board makes some asinine decisions regarding zoning, but they’ve always maintained that siblings can go to the same school, if for no other reason than to enable more students to get to school on time – two children going to different schools on opposite sides of town is ridiculous! They can make zoning changes that take effect over time and only effect new students, but why do what makes more sense when they can totally disrupt everyone’s lives, huh? I feel for ya – go get em Mom – we’re all right behind ya!

  3. Take a deep breath, hon. I read the letter on the KNS site … it looks like the changes won’t take place until August 2008. Tommy graduates next year, right? It looks like you may not have to deal with two kids in two different high schools then. That’s good. But then you might still have to deal with Sarah starting at one school, then being moved to another. That’s not so good. But I can’t see them moving kids that are already established in one school to another … but then again, they do some crazy things.

    I also see that they are having more meetings later this month. There is still some hope! Go and be heard!

    I am so glad I only have one more year after this one to deal with the schools and all their stupid, draconian rules. I am SO over it!

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