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Tennessee. The state where our plan to reduce teen pregnancy is to threaten the boys with loss of income and jail. The same state whose plan to reduce teen violence is to pay children to be informants. Be sure to read the compassionate, intelligent and helpful comments under each news article.

On a completely serious note, please follow @mysweetlife on Twitter and send her every ounce of love and support that you can. She needs it.

Then, visit Kelby Carr and read how she is trying to help a fellow blogger whose spouse is looking for work. Don’t be cynical and say I only want a free pass to BlogHer. Because of the generosity of others, Sarah and I have tickets to BlogHer in Nashville. That is a topic for a separate post. We have used our share of good luck for the year. If I did get that ticket, I would just have to give it away to an East TN blogger.

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