because you = your city

I know it’s annoying that every time your city is mentioned in a news alert, I text, IM and call until you tell me that you are okay. I can’t help myself. Whenever I hear the name of the place that you live, I think of you. It’s YOUR city. No, you ARE that city. I don’t think about any of the historical, beautiful or interesting things in your city. I think about you. Yes, I know there are a zillion other people in your city and the odds of you being involved in some of the things that make it to places like @BreakingNews are ridiculously non-existent. I’m still going to need to hear that you are okay, because it’s not about being rational. It’s about you. Maybe it’s also about me being crazy, but mostly it’s about you. Don’t feel too special though. I’m not talking only to you. All the recipients of my city-person dyslexia are equally frustrated by my pestering them to reassure me.

“Cathy’s asking me if I’m okay. Somebody check the news to see what happened.”

9 thoughts on “because you = your city

  1. My favorite was the time you texted me several times about a plane crashing into a building… and it was in Washington state, not Washington, DC.

    I don’t mind the texts. But I reserve the right to pick on you.

  2. Keep making your neighborhood sound desirable like that and I’ll move my entire horde . . . far, far away.

  3. I used to make fun of my mother for doing this, too. When I lived in Memphis, she would call me every time some bad Memphis news popped up. Explaining the geography of the city never helped.

    But, I find myself doing it to now. When bad news strikes Tampa, I’m e-mailing and calling down there to check on friends. When the Metro derailed in Washington, I blew up my sister’s phone trying to find her. To be fair, I knew that she was a daily commuter on the Metro, so I at least had that working in my favor.

    Even though I found out later in the evening that the wreck was in Maryland and she lives on the Virginia-side of the District, it didn’t stop me from trying to reach her through the night.

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