Until I have the time to sit and write, last night’s Twitters:

* Uggs and shorts at Pilot on Cumberland. #spring about 16 hours ago
* Blazer, cut-offs and flip-flops on campus. #spring about 16 hours ago
* This room is filled with middle-aged women and the temperature is about 80F. about 15 hours ago
* Knox County represented at DC Race to the Top presentations by Dr. McIntyre. No other TN Supers there. about 15 hours ago
* Great Schools Partnership changing name to reflect that they are a private foundation. Board asking why he believes he can raise $. about 15 hours ago
* This conversation about teachers’ pensions is cold. Almost brutal. about 14 hours ago
* When one specific board member speaks, my eye twitch starts up again. about 14 hours ago
* Love the board member who thinks one ream of paper a month is going to make a difference in the budget. about 14 hours ago
* Gah! Why don’t you explain how the fees are used so that parents pay them? about 14 hours ago
* All the teachers in here are shaking their heads in disagreement with this budget discussion. Were they excluded from the planning? about 14 hours ago
* Was he allowed to attend his child’s high school orientation or did he just hear about it second hand? about 14 hours ago
* Got bored. Filled out my census form. Same person still talking. about 13 hours ago
* No new textbooks this year. Maintenance being cut. Teachers being cut. They “hope” they won’t have to cut central office staff. about 13 hours ago
* Yes! Karen Carson gets it! Tell how money is used. about 13 hours ago
* Trustees and 3 million dollar fee topic of extensive complaint. about 13 hours ago
* Please stop grandstanding and let the meeting finish. about 13 hours ago
* I just sent an e-mail to the person sitting beside me. #easilyamused about 13 hours ago
* The a/c just clicked on. I’m guessing that is to wake everyone. about 12 hours ago
* I’m going to steal @lolaalapo’s cooler full of food. about 12 hours ago
* I’m hungry and we are talking about the results of the 2010 census. Please move forward. about 12 hours ago
* Schools should take turns running a refreshment table in the hall during these meetings. about 12 hours ago
* If they interrupt Mr. Milligan, there will be a riot in this room. about 12 hours ago
* After 3 1/2 hours of School Board budget meeting, the 13-y-o informed me that he has a birthday party immediately after school tomorrow. about 11 hours ago

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