Why are you still wearing your bathrobe?

Well, I told myself I could play on the computer while the breakfast dishes were drying on the counter and the test tubes in the chemistry themed bathroom are empty, so I went to the online shopping place with free shipping to order bath salts to refill the tubes because, the children like playing mad scientist, but then it seemed like a bad idea to let the children play with bath salts, so I tried to find powdered bubble bath, but all I could find was liquid bubble bath, which doesn’t make sense unless they need another product to fill with corn syrup, so then I clicked over to Pinterest to find a recipe for powdered bubble bath and I got distracted by the holiday crafts because I really need to figure out our Halloween costumes and the pose for our Christmas Card picture, but why are there so many jar projects there and OMG that looks so delicious that I should pin it for later even though I never revisited any of the crockpot recipes that I bookmarked on my old computer and I don’t understand the Pinterest crafts with food that aren’t going to be eaten but that’s not as bad as all the crafts that take a million hours to make and are too delicate to clean and then I wondered if I could find a non-toxic cleaner to put in the test tubes so that mad scientist sessions leave the sink and tub clean instead of caked with layers of toothpaste and conditioner, but then the dogs freaked out about the meter reader and after I calmed them down I started another load of laundry and that’s when the children came home and they needed help with their homework and I had to track down supplies for a school project and then I realized that I hadn’t eaten and it was making me spacey, but it was too close to dinner to eat anything, so I sat down to read Twitter and then you walked in the front door.

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