Autism Awareness Month – Day Four

He had to work the noon shift today. When he works lunch or breakfast shifts, he can’t manage to be ready to walk out the door until the minute his shift begins. Exactly that minute. I don’t know if he considers it their time once he steps out the door or what. His employer should schedule him to start work at 11:55 so that I can get him there by noon. The early shift means he is finished with work now instead of after midnight. His Dad went to pick him up while his visiting siblings went to Krystal to get him a bag of food to eat when he gets home. They love him. He will be thrilled, since it’s on the list of places I never go. I hope he doesn’t stay up all night gaming. I would like him to be awake for family lunch tomorrow.

We colored eggs this morning. See the four blue eggs on the side that are labeled egg, 1, 2 and 4? Those are the eggs he decorated.

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