Until I have the time to sit and write, last night’s Twitters: * Uggs and shorts at Pilot on Cumberland. #spring about 16 hours ago * Blazer, cut-offs and flip-flops on campus. #spring about 16 hours ago * This room is filled with middle-aged women and the temperature is about 80F. about 15 hours ago […]

Newscoma goes to Memphis

One of my favorite people, Newscoma, is spending some time studying Memphis politics and the colorful politicians who play the game. Her words make me giggle as I nod my head in agreement. “What I’m finding in Memphis, because I’m doing the same thing here I do at home and that’s just talk to people […]

deliberately vague

Something tragic happened this week. As the event unfolded, a nasty bottom feeder troll attacked a Mommy blogger when she was down. Other bloggers will not sit quietly and allow a parasite that is on the same level as the horrible church that protests our soldiers to attack one of our own. The real community […]

propositioning the wrong person

The three youngest children were tucked safely in their beds, so I went hunting looking for Doug. I walked in our bedroom and heard rustling in the closet. I walked toward the closet and said in my very best Dr. Girlfriend voice, “We’ve got 15 minutes alone. Wanna fool around?” I reached the doorway as […]


One dimensional people are perfect. They must be perfect, because aside from the results of their “What Muppet character are you” Facebook quiz, the way they present themselves in public is more filtered and phony than the SEC could ever dream of becoming. One dimensional people never talk about what a married couple does when […]

Mommy Blogger

I ignored the brouhaha the year the women at BlogHer argued over being “just” a Mommy blogger. I am a Mommy and I blog. I have been doing this for a decade now. I’m not embarrassed. I shrugged about the arguments over PR blackouts. If you’re tired of doing product reviews, don’t do them. We […]


One of the side effects of being poor is that you don’t blog about the bargains from your non-existent shopping excursions or the cool new gadgets that you don’t have. I experience the thrill of finding the perfect purse vicariously on others’ blogs. What I don’t enjoy, are the blogs that post “foreclosure” finds. They […]

ode to Social Media: non-profits

Non-profits quietly and thanklessly work to improve the lives of people and the world in which we live. Yet, most people don’t know that they exist. Non-profits need to dive head first into the social media pool. Use every possible opportunity to tell the world who your agency is, what you do and why you […]

do not panic

Things are still wonky, but it’s a work in progress. Aspies may now complain about the unfairness of changing things. Control freaks may now complain about my non-compliant code. Artists may now complain about the monochromatic color scheme which I don’t like either. Everyone else can offer constructive criticism.