Happy Mother’s Day

This is the picture of my mother that the Red Cross mailed to my grandfather when he was on a ship somewhere in the ocean. Every time I look at it, I skip through time to visit people now gone and places I’ve never been. Past, present and future memories are the gifts I receive […]

from Monday’s script

click Me: “What’s that…” click Me: “Evan! Stop taking pictures of Mommy.” Evan: “Why?” Me: “Never take pictures in the bathroom.” Evan: “But I’m standing in the hallway.” “Mom? Why are there X’s wiggling all over your phone?” “Stop it.” “You stop it.” “He won’t quit throwing stuff at me.” “He threw it first.” “How […]


“You know why they really do that don’t you?” “Don’t let him turn gay.” “Four way stops are the worst thing EVER invented.” “I think I should start wearing women’s clothes.” “It’s okay if people drink and drive, they just shouldn’t talk on their phones and drive.”


Today, an 80-something gentleman talked and I listened. I occasionally spoke, but my words were just connectors that threaded the man’s stories together. He asked me if I knew anyone who could write a program to help him get his opinions on the Internet. I wrote blogger.com inside the front cover of the journal he […]

because you = your city

I know it’s annoying that every time your city is mentioned in a news alert, I text, IM and call until you tell me that you are okay. I can’t help myself. Whenever I hear the name of the place that you live, I think of you. It’s YOUR city. No, you ARE that city. […]

Valentine’s Day – senior style

Friday afternoon, my father called and asked me if I could fill one of those “music players you put in your pocket” with romantic songs. After telling him it’s called an ipod, I told him it wouldn’t be a problem. Then he clarified that by romantic music, he meant “good stuff like Andy Williams or […]

shopping assistant

Grandaddy: “I’m at the bookstore and I need to find something for your mother.” Me: “Do you want to give her a book, music or coffee?” Grandaddy: “I want to get a CD and one book.” Me: “Okay. Walk to the music area and find the pop section” Grandaddy: “Found it.” Me: “Look for Jack […]

family traditions – stockings

In our family, the adult children (my two brothers and I) give our parents stockings every Christmas morning. Every year when we were children, my brothers and I would bounce out of bed and open our stockings to pass the time while waiting for other relatives to arrive. One year when my brother and I […]

I like my bubble

As Thanksgiving dinner digested and the children wandered off until they heard the word dessert, newspapers became one of our many topics of conversation. My mother expressed displeasure in the local paper’s recent changes and my father scoffed at my suggestion that he was the last generation to rely on newspapers. Actually, he laughed at […]