We went to an amusement park

Our last full day in Ohio, the weather peaked and we took three of the children to King’s Island. There are not a lot of pictures because we put the camera in a locker and focused on doing. Sawyer spent his day riding the “am I tall enough” emotional roller coaster. Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. […]

King’s Miniature Golf

Us in the future: “Remember that time we traveled all the way to Ohio and took pictures of an abandoned Putt-Putt?” “Good times. Good times.” Created with flickr slideshow.

day of the full moon

Despite the certainty that I will only wear one pair, I packed five pairs of shoes in my rarely used suitcase and took to the road in a rental car. I started out cautiously fidgeting with the many, many buttons and knobs in the temporary vehicle. In no time at all, I was singing loudly […]