I’m not a pageant mom, but . . .

When life was so simple that I could get worked up over things that don’t matter, I complained about the evils of putting small children in beauty pageants. I made sure everyone knew I was boycotting the televised pageants for 18-year-olds. I was very confident and uncompromising in my brilliant pre-parent years. Then, I had […]

duct tape is not a foundation garment

Sarah’s color guard costume last year had some problems. First, the teacher didn’t want any clear bra straps or underwear lines, so the girls went extreme commando. Then, the teacher complained about noticing when the girls were cold. The improvised solution was a band of duct tape acting as a strapless bra. Parents were less […]

How I ruined Color Guard

Have you seen this? According to my 15-year-old, I’m an all-powerful, evil villain who is personally responsible for all the woes of Bearden High School’s Color Guard. Students in Color Guard get a credit on their high school transcript. Since they are on block schedule, the class is about 25% of their regular school day. […]