stocking up on pens

Since I don’t know where to go for leeches, I think I’ll try some empty pen medical care. While Doug’s can be stabbed anywhere to relieve his ample blood pressure, mine will be jammed in my sinus windows that are making my face throb. What? You never saw the magical curative powers of writing implements […]

Grandaddy says:

To family/friends: “The pain is terrible.” To nurses: “I’m fine.” “I don’t want you to be frightened by all the tubes and wires, but . . . I’m peeing right now.” “That nurse has a funny accent. Does she have a green card?” “I don’t want the nurses to help me. That’s your mother’s job.” […]

CVICU waiting room

Three quickies: 1. The people in this room aren’t just family and friends. Everyone in this room is a former or future CVICU patient. As someone who is conservatively a good 15 pounds heavier than they should be, I am willing to be annoying by saying that everyone in this room is or will have […]

four eyes

Last week, when I assaulted the eardrums of everyone in the vicinity of Children’s Hospital with my plastic tree’s metal stand dragging the roof of the parking garage, it turned out to be the highlight of that day. Our destination was the children’s eye doctor who has taken care of my family since Tommy was […]

bad patient

4:00 pm – Sarah enters the house, vomits and goes to bed. Her temperature is 101. “I stayed up too late last night. I’ll be fine after a quick nap. I have to go to a football game tomorrow night.” 10:00 pm – After a six hour nap, Sarah’s temperature is 102. “I think I […]

like a slow motion train wreck

Late Thursday night, we got a phone call from *camp that two boys in Noah’s troop were sick and H1N1 was suspected. After a sleepless night, we got another phone call saying that the two sick scouts didn’t have H1N1’s trademark high fever and life returned to our version of normal. Saturday, the phone call […]

buy bread and milk

H1N1 Swine Flu information or a reason to panic about other nasty cooties. How Twitter users are preparing: @Busymom Add eggs and beer. @RussM Surgical masks and chocolate. @raowen hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bandaides and bottled water Want to know if you have Swine Flu? Click here Fluvastatin is used along with a proper diet to […]

Doug loves going to the doctor

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I’ve had mystery eyelid disease coming and going for several months. A lid would puff up for one day, peel for a few days and then be fine for months. This week, for the first time ever, BOTH eyelids puffed on the top AND bottom […]

blogging health

How do these statistics compare to physical and emotional health issues in other industries? An article from old media desperately hoping that new media is a fad is less than convincing. Most bloggers LOVE what they do. They thrive on the constant input and rapid output of information. Doug gets an adrenaline high when he […]

icky eye

Yesterday morning I woke up to a red, swollen eyelid.  Like most uninsured people, I set out to diagnose myself on blingo.  Let’s see, the first possibility is cellulitis and that requires antibiotics, so I’ll keep looking.  Second possibility is an eye socket infection and that just sounds gross so, no thank you. Third possibility […]