reading goals

While the tv stays off during the day, evenings used to be for watching shows and movies. After more than a decade of this routine, the husband has become unable to waste time on television. As he sits at his computer every night, I realized that there are zero shows I watch without him. Every […]

putting the book on the shelf

If I finish a book that has a sequel available, I need to start the next book immediately. When I say immediately, I mean in the same breath that I put one down, I want to pick up the next one. If it’s the end of a series or a stand alone book, I can’t […]

Stereotyping publishers

I have come to realize that I handicap books based on the size of their publishing house. I expect the books from corporate giants to be perfect. Errors in spelling, grammar and aesthetics are somehow inexcusable. They are jarring distractions that take me out of the story. I don’t race off to type and snail […]

size matters

Books, like people, come in a variety of sizes. Hardcover books are a great size to read, but their extra cost makes reading in the bathtub an ill advised risk. The majority of the paperbacks in the local Barnes & Noble are traditionally sized, but awkward to read without breaking the spine. Amazon books are […]

annotation bots

I like diagramming sentences. My teachers revisited diagramming year after year. That was during the dark ages when the information in textbooks wasn’t obsolete by the time the books made it to a classroom. My two youngest children have no idea how or why to diagram a sentence. There probably isn’t time for diagramming. I […]

uncool reader

The bookstore clerk pulled my selection from the pile of books we were purchasing. He *waved it in front of RenTeen. Clerk: “This one’s not YOURS, is it?” RenTeen: “No way. The Pratchett is mine.” I will be shame reading my new and embarrassing book in the bathtub where nobody can see me reading it. […]

rambling thoughts about books

When I have spent too many days staring at laptop and phone screens, I get a dull headache and my eyes feel sunburned from the brightness of electronics. If I still have work to do, I take two Aleve and put on a pair of sunglasses. The rest of the time, I try to take […]


I don’t know what helped Tommy learn how to read. Since he had a ‘do worksheets or I’ll shrug’ teacher for Kindergarten, I know that he didn’t learn to read at school. At home, we did flashcard drills, watched a million hours of PBS, drew letters in shaving cream and wrote with chalk or crayons […]

read again. again. again.

How many times do I have to read the exact same book aloud to the 3-year-old before I can throw the book out the window and run screaming from the room? “The window, the window, she threw it out the window.” Four word sentences should be treated like four letter words. Just because I look […]

One week till school starts

Me: “How is the summer assignment coming Sarah?” Sarah: “I can’t work on that until I finish my book.” Me: “How is the summer assignment coming Sarah?” Sarah: “I’m thinking about it.” Me: “Do you need help?” Sarah: “No.” Me: “When are you going to do it?” Sarah: “After I finish my book.” Me: “No.” […]