It only takes a village if they’re under 21

When I saw the son of family friends standing in the rain, I had to offer him a ride. When I noticed he was holding 3 cases of beer, I couldn’t help but ask if he was having a party. “No, just don’t want to go out in the rain again.” As I dropped him […]

further proof they think I’m stupid

boyfriend: “Text me after you ask your mother.” Sarah: “I will. Buh-bye.” – Sarah gets in the car and we begin the drive home. – Sarah: “Soooooo, do uh, we have any uh, plans tonight?” Me: “What do you and Z have planned?” Sarah: “How did you know we have plans?”

I won’t love, but can I like?

Teenage romances are practices for adult relationships. They are almost always temporary. Knowing this, how are we supposed to feel about our children’s dates? I know we can’t have the special person join along on all the family outings. Are we allowed to like the boyfriend/girlfriend of the moment? Is it truly terrible if I […]

torturing the teen

teen: “Can I spend the day at the park with my boyfriend?” me: “The park? That sounds like fun. We’ll bring your little brothers and sister and make a day of it.” tip-tap sounds of texting on phone teen: “We changed our minds. We’re just gonna hang out at the mall.” me: “The mall? We […]

it can’t all be art

The road beside the high school is in the process of getting a much needed sidewalk. Currently, teenagers walk all over the road, oblivious to the fact that they are endangering themselves. The sidewalks are intended to reduce the mobs of teenagers darting out in front of cars before and after school. I commented to […]

teenagers deserve to be blogged

Overheard in the high school band room: “My mother blogs everything. You might find yourself on the Internet.” Overheard through child’s bedroom door: Tween reading my blog out loud to his friend, followed by, “My family is funny.” There are mountains of blogs detailing the adventures of pregnancy and parenting UNTIL those children become teens. […]

no post, just links

Tennessee. The state where our plan to reduce teen pregnancy is to threaten the boys with loss of income and jail. The same state whose plan to reduce teen violence is to pay children to be informants. Be sure to read the compassionate, intelligent and helpful comments under each news article. On a completely serious […]

bad things happen

Something bad happened in Knoxville today. As soon as it happened, some people began seeking solutions. Some people just wanted to place blame. Memories of the school, the community, the past and the present are being woven into the story. I did not attend this school. I attended a school of privilege in a city […]