The older he gets, the more familiar my father becomes with death. Last breaths at hospital bedsides, holding the hand of a neighbor internally hemorrhaging on the curb, waiting with a friend for professionals to remove their spouse from the home and endlessly facing his own mortality is my father’s life. Every time death happens, […]

opening the doors

We met the relatives. It was surprisingly comfortable. It would have been easy to mistake the gathering as a normal family reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in a lengthy period of time, except we were the branch that they didn’t know existed. Oh, they knew that a baby boy had been born. […]

a brand new tree

What do you call an extended family reunion of people who didn’t know each other existed until recently? It’s certainly not a “re”-union. I’m still working on the correct word for the occasion, but it is happening next month. People, pictures, slides, old movies and a mix of happy and anxious feelings are going to […]

Christmas 2013

Three days before Christmas, our basement flooded. Since the gifts were sorted into plastic bags instead of wrapped, no gifts were lost in the flood. Our bedroom furniture is probably ruined, but that’s okay since all we really need in our room is a mattress that floats during flood season. Two days before Christmas, I […]

tangled thoughts

Watching my parents attend funeral after funeral of family and friends is heartbreaking. I’m in my forties and it still wrecks me to see either of my parents cry. I still surprise myself at what tips me over the edge. Today, it was the last remaining sibling’s name on his big brother’s list of Pallbearers. […]

a short story about archeology

Once upon a time, while exploring the woods behind my great grandmother‘s home in Natchez Trace Park, I came upon a broken piece of pottery. I scraped at the dirt and found several more chips and shards of jugs and bowls. Excited at my treasure, I ran to my grandmother‘s kitchen. My mother stood in […]