Autism chameleon

“One of the guys at work said that I act different depending on who I’m with, so he doesn’t know who I really am. I don’t know which is the real me either.” “It’s all you. You’re very real.”

well, okay then

Me: “You only tell me the bad stories from work. From now on, I want one good story for every bad story.” Stacheman: “In fast food, the good times are when customers pay, take their food and leave. There are no stories for that.”

Autism Awareness Month – Day 30

No work today. He slept until 4. Then, he cleaned the litterboxes to make Dad happy. Now, he games. I tried to talk him into going to see Ultron tomorrow, but he works tomorrow night and he isn’t willing to get up early for a movie. Thus ends Autism Awareness Month. My job as Psychologist […]

SpEd Vouchers

TN just passed a voucher bill for about 18,000 TN students with IEPs for “Autism, Down’s Syndrome and other severe mental disabilities, deaf and blind children, and those with severe physical disabilities.” It looks like the current plan is to take about $550 per month, per child from the public schools and allow families to […]