Good hearts

‘Do you like your child’s SO?’ I’m asked this question with surprising regularity and it still surprises me. If the person my child is seeing is making them both happy, that’s as deep as I need to think about it. It’s their relationship. When the SO willingly makes a website for my child’s cat, with […]

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 A photo posted by Cathy McCaughan (@cathymccaughan) on Nov 25, 2016 at 6:08am PST Peak happiness is all of the children (who are no longer children) at home.

After a decade and children,

Love is… Cleaning the pukey sheets while your wife cleans the small child. Using baby talk when giving the dogs their medication. “Who wants a widdle gwu-co-sa-mine? Yes you do-o-o.” Walking in the door, seeing the look on your wife’s face and silently leaving the house only to return fifteen minutes later with chocolate raspberry […]

Today’s euphemism: adult time

Our beaker is extremely full. Adult time is so important that it should be a large rock. In reality, it is somewhere between gravel and sand. The boulders that take top priority don’t just make time something that we have to use whenever it is available, they complicate space availability. In other words, if we […]

because you = your city

I know it’s annoying that every time your city is mentioned in a news alert, I text, IM and call until you tell me that you are okay. I can’t help myself. Whenever I hear the name of the place that you live, I think of you. It’s YOUR city. No, you ARE that city. […]

Answer: Because I am a Mom

Question: Why do you get so worked up about things that don’t affect you? Why do you get so angry when people insist that who you love is a choice? Because it is no more a choice than if you are right handed or left handed. I spent half of a school year begging a […]

ice cream does not equal murder

Several times a year and in multiple environments, I have to pull out the tired, old dinosaur statistic that murder rates go up when ice cream sales go up. Eventually, everyone will recognize that statistics are not enough. The “most single parents live in poverty” statistic ignores the fact that people with severe mental or […]

second chances

On July 4, 1997 I packed three children (then 7, 4, & 1) and a dog into a small car and moved from Atlanta to Knoxville. My now ex-husband moved from Atlanta to Boston because he needed some time for himself. He was “tired of everything always being about the children and decisions being so […]