Girls v Boys – Stomach Bug

Girls – At the first hint of digestive difficulties, girls stop eating to avoid vomit. They would rather sleep on the bathroom floor than have an accident in their bedroom. Girls will quietly play or watch a cartoon between naps. The first sign of recovery is the girl changing from pitiful to cranky. Even when […]

if I don’t do it . . .

I spent Sunday with no voice, a hacking cough, stuffy nose and an assortment of aches and pains. The cough medicine made me feel like I was sleepwalking in a fog, but it didn’t help reduce the coughing. I swallowed Tylenol just before a coughing fit and one of the pills shot back out. I […]

the devil you know

I’m done. I want all my children back home. I’m tired of Noah being quarantined with the other scouts, Amy here with a scout sibling and my other children at the grandparents. A night alone with my husband is fun, but this isn’t fun. This is stressful. This is my heart doing that weird flutter […]

24 hours from serious to silly

Doug: “There’s an ambulance at the retirement home.” Me: “Seniors do like to visit Mexico.” Doug: “Must be swine flu.” K: cough-cough T: “Got some swine flu K?” Doug: “My head is splitting.” Me: “Swine flu. Shouldn’t have gone to Market Square Friday night.” Amy: “What’s swine?” Me: “Pigs.” Amy: “Why are the pigs sick?” […]