I have to Tommy has to make a model of the “Trojan Horse” before Thursday. Paper mache won’t work. Clay won’t work. Google searches don’t give me any ideas. Why can’t we just do another leaf collection? I’ve We’ve done that project so many times I we have it perfected. Tommy is suspended from school until Wednesday (“We can suspend him without due-cause 10 times.”) so I could really use a good idea to keep him from sleeping all day for the next two days.

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  1. Hmmm I didn’t see anything in there about 10 suspensions without cause. Funny how they can suspend Tommy since every time he’s in trouble it’s symtematic of his “disability” and according to their own policies and procedures they aren’t allowed to do that. Geez I hate school policies.

  2. I think its an interpretation of “Additional Guidelines: 2. A principal shall not impose successive short term suspensions that cumulatively exceed ten
    (10) days for the same offense;
    20″ from Misbehaviors and Disciplinary Options

    It sound like it should read in our favor “oh! There’s a maximum” but its per offense. Now, what’s an offense?

    “Level II: … Continuation of unmodified Level I behaviors …”

    “Level II Discliplinary Options: Out-of-school suspension not to exceed ten (10) days.”

    What is Level I?
    “Classroom disturbances, Classroom tardiness, Cheating and lying, Abusive language, Nondefiant failure to do assignments or carry out directions”

    What is Level II?
    (excluded drug references) “Disruptive classroom behavior, Sexual harassment” (sexual harassment == bumping into girls)

    Tommy certainly has done everything I listed in Level I and Level II and most of them on a daily basis. Ergo, the ease of suspending Tommy. However, the words “without reason” have been spoke before but I doubt you’ll ever see them on official paper work.

    Btw, “Level III: Continuation of unmodified Level I and II behaviors, Fighting (simple), … Vandalism (minor), Threats to others, Sexual harassment” Action: “change in school assignment, … Long term out-of-school suspension”

    Want to guess what’s next on their plan?

    At KAEC, the office personnel had a discussion in front of parents (as if they weren’t there) as they planned out the school suspensions for the year. “Now Billy has only been suspended for 4 days so we can use up another 6…”

  3. What crazy-ass school system do you belong to? “Without cause?” “Ten times?” That’s insane. They can go, “Oh, you’re wearing blue again today? Suspension.” ???

    Why don’t you try a popsicle stick horse?

  4. Why doesn’t paper mache work? Do you actually have to have a horse big enough to fit people into? Paper mache always works. Flour, water, newspaper, and a couple of balloons.http://www.dltk-kids.com/crafts/insects/mspider-pinata.htm

    If you need a horse big enough to fit people into, I suggest duct tape, cardboard boxes, and spraypaint.

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