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  1. LOL @ Lissa. Thanks for reminding me about knocking out my oldest. She was small (only three when I was HUGELY pregnant with her sister. And you gave me a blog idea for tomorrow.)

    And I’m suprised you can even reach your toes. If you can, you’re one up on me.

  2. With my third, born in March (she just turned 15 on the 4th! Auugghh! I’m OLD!) I didn’t shave my legs after the 5th month. Bending over was too much work. #2 was just short enough that if he stood too close, I couldn’t see him under my belly. More than a few times, he was there and when I took a step forward, I’d send him flying … poor lil guy. He’s 17 now … AUUUUUGGGHHHH! And we won’t talk about number one son … 19 and off at college …


    They grow up too too too fast!

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