Good hearts

‘Do you like your child’s SO?’ I’m asked this question with surprising regularity and it still surprises me. If the person my child is seeing is making them both happy, that’s as deep as I need to think about it. It’s their relationship. When the SO willingly makes a website for my child’s cat, with […]

Insomniac *brain drain

What if the B&B in Groundhog Day is evil and everyone staying there is stuck in a loop.  What about the other guests? They’re still waiting for rescue. *reference to ancient children’s movie full of Jurassic Park Easter eggs because insomnia brain time skips

Crying in the popcorn bucket

As the lights dimmed in our completely full auditorium on opening night, the audience applauded. The instant the applause faded, sniffles could be heard. There was a palpable tension as everyone waited to see the conclusion of twenty something movies and a couple of TV shows. At an emotional point on the screen, I wiped […]