Crying in the popcorn bucket

As the lights dimmed in our completely full auditorium on opening night, the audience applauded. The instant the applause faded, sniffles could be heard. There was a palpable tension as everyone waited to see the conclusion of twenty something movies and a couple of TV shows.

At an emotional point on the screen, I wiped the tears threatening to escape for the umpteenth time just as another woman in the audience came completely unglued. She sobbed and wailed so loudly that I knew the rest of the audience was going to join her. I nudged my husband.

“You have to kill her or I’m going to start ugly crying.”

The man condescendingly patted my hand and kept staring at the screen. He didn’t even ask if anyone in the audience had chloroform.

The wailing woman eventually went silent, so I’m guessing someone else killed her. Maybe she went to the lobby to find a cold cloth for her head. All I know is my husband wouldn’t kill her for me. I guess the magic is gone. We might as well buy twin beds for our room.

Now I need to figure out who will save me from the threat of mass weeping during Rise of Skywalker.

*Posted elsewhere during blog hiatus

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