Dark, white, bright, line dry

A small part of our family oddness is explained by the reminder that we once had five children living in this 1 1/2 bath house with the world’s tiniest hot water heater tank. To keep the washer and dryer running whenever someone wasn’t bathing, it was more efficient to have separately colored laundry baskets where […]

Screaming on the inside

People are terrible. People are wonderful. Life is a struggle. Life is joy. Down. Up. Chaos. Calm. Simultaneous everything. I need to hop in the car and drive until I can find calm again. I can’t go anywhere because the windowless car is full of glass. There are strangers knocking on my door asking me […]

NaBloPoMo 2017

11/1 Never stop playing – pictures can speak 1000 words 11/2 The night the lights went out on fb – How many memories are lost when we only post them on fb or twitter? 11/3 NaBloPoMo – in case it wasn’t obvious that my posting is heavy 11/4 Starbucks coloring cups – Sometimes I make […]

gun violence

I tried to write something about today’s mass murder in a Texas church, but it was far too long for the attention span of a blog reader. The fact that I’m an anecdotalist makes that statement depressing. My immediate reaction to the violence being concern for the people I know IRL who will now have […]

In-home deliveries

Amazon key participants can get their packages delivered behind locked doors instead of on porches or front steps. The idea is to have less package theft and reduce failed delivery attempts. The reality is that while this is our future, it isn’t one we are currently prepared to embrace. I’m not worried about the delivery […]


Ever wonder what it'd be like to go back in time and help fight nazis? Support Civil Rights Era? Resist Native genocide? Now's your chance — Xeni Jardin (@xeni) November 21, 2016

safety pins

Reports of harassment in schools & elsewhere are breaking my heart. I will stand up for anybunny who is being bullied. #safetypin pic.twitter.com/Mm1WA4Xt9G — Mo Willems' Pigeon (@The_Pigeon) November 10, 2016 I have reservations about participating in things that are as futile as adding a ribbon to your social media profile pics. I can see […]

just when you think it’s getting easier

Granny: “I have to get some sleep tonight. I’ll be up late watching the Cubs tomorrow night.” Me: “Since when do you like baseball?” Granny “I have to watch it for him.” He spent his entire life believing in the Cubs. All those decades of waiting and now that he’s gone…

today’s excuse

Today was overscheduled, with children’s activities overlapping. I needed to get dressed and get out the door quickly this morning. As I sat down to dry my hair, I ran out of my styling product. Specifically, it got so low that nothing would squirt out the pump dispenser. As I always do with shampoo, dish […]