Ever wonder what it'd be like to go back in time and help fight nazis? Support Civil Rights Era? Resist Native genocide? Now's your chance — Xeni Jardin (@xeni) November 21, 2016

safety pins

Reports of harassment in schools & elsewhere are breaking my heart. I will stand up for anybunny who is being bullied. #safetypin pic.twitter.com/Mm1WA4Xt9G — Mo Willems' Pigeon (@The_Pigeon) November 10, 2016 I have reservations about participating in things that are as futile as adding a ribbon to your social media profile pics. I can see […]

just when you think it’s getting easier

Granny: “I have to get some sleep tonight. I’ll be up late watching the Cubs tomorrow night.” Me: “Since when do you like baseball?” Granny “I have to watch it for him.” He spent his entire life believing in the Cubs. All those decades of waiting and now that he’s gone…

today’s excuse

Today was overscheduled, with children’s activities overlapping. I needed to get dressed and get out the door quickly this morning. As I sat down to dry my hair, I ran out of my styling product. Specifically, it got so low that nothing would squirt out the pump dispenser. As I always do with shampoo, dish […]

sum of the parts

“Wait. Is Granny sticking her hand in a dryer fire when you were little the reason you nag everyone so much about cleaning the dryer vents?” “I am everything that has happened in my past plus generations of genetic memory.” “Does that mean yes?” “Yes.”

dairy farmers love us

If you are lactose intolerant, don’t stand anywhere near our refrigerator. We’ve got mozzarella, swiss, colby, sour cream, cheddar, cream cheese, sour cream, whipped cream cheese, flavored cream cheese, sour cream and whatever pretend cheese is used for cheese sticks. Did I mention sour cream? There are three containers of sour cream. There were more, […]

useless behavior patterns

I make stickers of cartoon panels and stick them in my planner. When I had an office, comic strips covered the bulletin board. In college, I glued comic strips into my textbooks. In high school, I thumbtacked cartoons to my walls. In middle school, I kept a favorite strip in my pocket. In elementary school, […]

Monday in list form

Youngest child wakes feeling too puny for school. Spend morning failing to accomplish anything because sick child needs a drink, snack, blanket, remote, cat, etc. Leave sick child on couch with big brother in charge of him. Go to sick child’s school to make copies for his teacher. Zone out and end up at Target […]

Graduation: The Sitcom

Baccalaureate episode: Mom, Tween and Graduating Teen raced off to the store to buy a replacement for Graduating Teen’s conveniently “missing” tie and a black slip for the Mom who could never remember that her only slip was white until she was in the process of getting dressed. Mom and Graduating Teen met at the […]

just in case

“Sweetie, M and I have a pact that whichever of us survives the other will do a favor for the recently deceased. Since she lives in another state, she’ll probably send someone to the funeral to take care of that favor. If a stranger at my funeral says that they’re here for M, thank them […]