Dark, white, bright, line dry

A small part of our family oddness is explained by the reminder that we once had five children living in this 1 1/2 bath house with the world’s tiniest hot water heater tank. To keep the washer and dryer running whenever someone wasn’t bathing, it was more efficient to have separately colored laundry baskets where everyone sorts their own dirty laundry. Once the routine began, it took hold and even though we’re a smaller household, the laundry is still *your responsibility.

I’m not saying who, but sooomebody over here needs to take that online colorblind test again. Those white socks will never belong in the bright basket. Why are black shorts in the bright basket? Do you only see one basket?

Did your peripheral vision disappear!?

*I’m the bad parent on this one. I can only tolerate it accumulating on the floor for so long before I have to violate your personal space and collect it. As a result, I’ve been scolded repeatedly with nonsense about not washing jeans that I am not willing to accept. Nope. Jeans are not magically exempt from basic hygiene. I wanted to post a video of Antonia Rey demanding dirty jeans here, but it wasn’t available without some editing and honestly it just seemed like a silly way to spend my time when I have unfinished books so, watch the song, then enjoy her performance.

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