Everyone’s children

I have been uncharacteristically quiet about a local tragedy for several reasons. First, better writers are giving it the attention it deserves. Second, I don’t see any good or bad guys. I see teenagers. Everyone involved in this is connected in far less than six degrees from every other teenager in Knoxville. When I did […]

signs Knoxville needs

Gallaher View – “Stay in your lane or stay off this road.” West Town mall stairwells – “Do NOT urinate in stairwells. Moron.” Nubbin Ridge – “No joggers. Ever.” unisex bathrooms – “No quickies when other people are waiting for restroom.” & “Bathroom NOT soundproof.” Everywhere else – “No spitting on sidewalk. Yuck.”

teenagers are not criminals

I am no longer surprised to see how half an hour of talking to a reporter will play as a single blurb. The only point that my random quote made is that I am AGAINST random searches in schools. Those searches won’t be random. Children of particular religions, races, genders and groups will be harassed […]

no post, just links

Tennessee. The state where our plan to reduce teen pregnancy is to threaten the boys with loss of income and jail. The same state whose plan to reduce teen violence is to pay children to be informants. Be sure to read the compassionate, intelligent and helpful comments under each news article. On a completely serious […]

when technology fails

Grandaddy: “I’m stuck on Northshore. Can you look up a way around the roadblock?” Me: “No. That roadblock took down our Internet.” Grandaddy: “Don’t you have a map?” Me: “Ummmm.”