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Instead of using the tax free weekend to buy the family new wardrobes and laptops like the rest of Knoxville, I just tried to get some of the things on Amy and Noah’s* supply lists. Every year there is one item that makes me crazier than usual. In the past it was erasable red pens. This year’s item is the “Crayola school glue” that Amy’s teacher very specifically requested. Apparently, this is an Elmer’s town. As I looked at the adhesives shelf in store after store, “No coke. Pepsi.” rang in my ears. This is the easy part, though. The hard part will be the lists that Tommy and Sarah bring home Thursday that I have to come up with before Friday morning.

*Noah’s List:
four 1″ binders
loose leaf paper
#2 pencils
colored pencils
blue or black ink pens
folder with brackets
2 boxes of tissues
1 container of hand sanitizer
2 sets of 5-tab dividers
Additional supplies depending on reading class

8 thoughts on “tax free shopping

  1. We did the same thing today, getting school supplies.

    School supplies is a Elementary/Middle School thing. Amazing that all the High School wants is checks for fees. sigh.

    The one school supply I didn’t care for was at West Valley they are asking for 4 Dry Erasers per student. You realize with 25 kids in a classroom that is FOUR I mean 4 Dry Erasers X 25 equals 100 Dry Erasers per teacher. What?

  2. Maybe that was a typo and they wanted dry erase markers? In the past we’ve had to provide several reams of copy paper, cases of post-its and other obvious teacher supplies.

  3. Maybe it was a typo. I will not be happy if it was. We have had to supply Dry Erase Markers before as well.

    I have never had to supply reams of copy paper. However, today while at WalMart @ Turkey Creek. A dad with his son (about second grade) said we have to get two reams of paper, he put them in the buggy then as they went down the aisle the kid said what is this and what is it for? The dad obviously hunting and gathering did not respond.

    We had fun, except my youngest. Once his supplies were in the buggy, he was ready to leave and was not impressed with his sister and her need to color coordinate everything.

    WalMart had everything except the Middle School graph paper.

    Hey, I am thinking about you all and sending as much good karma as I can for your a/c issue.

  4. My crazy item was one-subject, spiral graph-paper notebook, 4-5 squares per inch. This will be the tenth year I have kids in school and I didn’t even know such thing existed. Turns out, you can buy it at OfficeMax for a mere $6. Grrr.

    Another surprise from OfficeMax was the two-prong folders. This year they have some deal where they sell those for a penny apiece. The catch is that you can only buy ten at a time. I need fifteen just for one kid! Sheesh. If someone has five kids, like you, would they have to come back every day or would they have to bring all their kids with them? Very weird. Our discount store Marc’s had most of the supplies but some I had to get at officemax. Oh the joy.
    Our high school is like yours, they bring the lists home on the first day of school and you need to buy the stuff by next morning (technically by next Monday, but still). Last year I went to Walmart after work and the school supplies department looked like a bomb site. This year I’ll take off work early and hit the store as soon as he comes home with the lists. I’m sure it will be more fun than Black Friday.
    Good luck with yours.

  5. Seems like the high school teachers could get this list out a bit sooner. Last time I had to do the school supply shopping, I had to go to three store (Target, Walmart, Office Max) to get everything because one would be out of this and the other was out of that.

  6. Over the years, I’m managed to acculumate a stack of school supplies, by buying when packs of pencils are a dime, a pack of paper a quarter, etc. Today, I took the two bins all the stuff is halfway in and organized them, putting a list on the side of each and putting them back in the hall closet. I was amazing to discover we have three three-prong binders (notebooks for notepaper) in there! My high school son will also bring his list home Thursday but I’m hoping that we’ll have at least half of what he needs. But I’m sure we have the wrong side binders! What really is frustrating is when one of the high school teachers doesn’t send home a complete list until the next week – and there’s another trip.

  7. Amy, I was going to write the same thing! I am a pack rat and always buy more of everything than the list says. This year, about half of what was required for my 6-grader I was able to find in my home supplies. My 9-grader, probably won’t be so lucky, I’m almost out.
    Also, last year, my then 8-grader lost ALL his school supplies two weeks after school started… very frustrating I might say! He’s the Aspie one and he has a habit of carrying all his books, binders, notebooks etc. with him all day. During gym class, he’d leave them in the locker room. After two weeks of that, the janitor decided to toss everything into the garbage, except for the books, which he meant to return to the teachers I guess. I have to say the school was totally understanding about it and replaced almost all of the supplies, but still it was an interesting experience, losing all the stuff two weeks after I finally managed to buy it all.

  8. I was thinking last night – when I couldn’t sleep because my mind apparently had more thinking to do – that I had better stop buying all that notebook paper for a quarter and packs of number two pencils for a dime! I think if I stock up one more year, I will have enough to last my second son (a high school jr.) through college! Speaking of carrying it all, my son also carries ALL this books, etc., in a back pack because he doesn’t want to have to deal with a locker, and going to a locker to get stuff and then trying to get to a class clear across high school in time. He just carries that heavy backpack all day. Wears me out just looking at him.

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