tax free shopping

Instead of using the tax free weekend to buy the family new wardrobes and laptops like the rest of Knoxville, I just tried to get some of the things on Amy and Noah’s* supply lists. Every year there is one item that makes me crazier than usual. In the past it was erasable red pens. This year’s item is the “Crayola school glue” that Amy’s teacher very specifically requested. Apparently, this is an Elmer’s town. As I looked at the adhesives shelf in store after store, “No coke. Pepsi.” rang in my ears. This is the easy part, though. The hard part will be the lists that Tommy and Sarah bring home Thursday that I have to come up with before Friday morning.

*Noah’s List:
four 1″ binders
loose leaf paper
#2 pencils
colored pencils
blue or black ink pens
folder with brackets
2 boxes of tissues
1 container of hand sanitizer
2 sets of 5-tab dividers
Additional supplies depending on reading class

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