Antisocial media behavior

Pet peeve: Old school media using new media to harass and scold politicians, celebs and other popular people. It’s fine and dandy to use social media to invite and encourage people to attend events. It’s rude and self centered to try and shame those same people when they don’t attend. The presumption that your ribbon […]


When you cease to investigate and report facts so that you can focus on repeating opinions found on social media sites, you are an opinion aggregator and not news. When your economic model is HuffPo’s make money off free submissions from users, you do not have reporters and are not news. User submitted pictures of […]

pretend camera

This picture is on page A-4 of today’s newspaper. Based on the, “can’t believe you didn’t take that with a real camera” response that I frequently get, I am naming my pretend camera Faux. Faux is my first girlfriend. We have a very serious relationship, but it is an open relationship. She is willing to […]