Antisocial media behavior

Pet peeve: Old school media using new media to harass and scold politicians, celebs and other popular people. It’s fine and dandy to use social media to invite and encourage people to attend events. It’s rude and self centered to try and shame those same people when they don’t attend. The presumption that your ribbon […]


When you cease to investigate and report facts so that you can focus on repeating opinions found on social media sites, you are an opinion aggregator and not news. When your economic model is HuffPo’s make money off free submissions from users, you do not have reporters and are not news. User submitted pictures of […]

pretend camera

This picture is on page A-4 of today’s newspaper. Based on the, “can’t believe you didn’t take that with a real camera” response that I frequently get, I am naming my pretend camera Faux. Faux is my first girlfriend. We have a very serious relationship, but it is an open relationship. She is willing to […]

because you = your city

I know it’s annoying that every time your city is mentioned in a news alert, I text, IM and call until you tell me that you are okay. I can’t help myself. Whenever I hear the name of the place that you live, I think of you. It’s YOUR city. No, you ARE that city. […]

ode to Social Media: non-profits

Non-profits quietly and thanklessly work to improve the lives of people and the world in which we live. Yet, most people don’t know that they exist. Non-profits need to dive head first into the social media pool. Use every possible opportunity to tell the world who your agency is, what you do and why you […]

ode to Social Media – first verse

I won’t tell you exactly what Social Media is, because it is a unique experience for each user. I can tell you what it isn’t. Social Media is not an advertising campaign. If you think you can spam Twitter and bill a clueless client, you need to have your keyboard taken away. As a consumer, […]

apologies to the Buggles

The Buggles – New Music – More Music Videos I read you in the bed on Sunday afternoons Lying awake reading the day before’s news. I should have known the stories had all changed by then. Oh-a oh They took the credit for your second symphony. Rewritten by machine and new technology, And now I […]

you lost me at the cultural entitlement rant

Yesterday, someone recommended an article in the Bearden Shopper-News to me. It was described as an intelligently thought out explanation based on existing research. So, I read the front page article, “Thinking outside the AJ.” The article was accurately described as intelligent UNTIL the author decided to complain that high school “has BECOME a cultural […]