Antisocial media behavior

Pet peeve: Old school media using new media to harass and scold politicians, celebs and other popular people.

It’s fine and dandy to use social media to invite and encourage people to attend events. It’s rude and self centered to try and shame those same people when they don’t attend. The presumption that your ribbon cutting or shmooze-a-palooza is more important than the myriad of other things on that person’s calendar makes you look petty.

Sometimes, your party is happening at the only time that the harangued guest could get an hour alone with the person they love. Sometimes there is a major project being completed. In the darkest of times, people have to attend funerals.

Don’t be antisocial on social media. Don’t be that guy.

2 thoughts on “Antisocial media behavior

  1. This reminded me of one of my peeves, the thing on social media where people put up these posts that basically say if you don’t repost it, you clearly don’t care about your friendship. Which I think is ridiculous. Social media has definitely done a lot for making all of us a bit more anti-social, hasn’t it? Sigh.

  2. I’m just contrary enough to refuse people telling me that I must RT or email to all my contacts or whatever. If you ask nicely and I think it will help, I will share. Otherwise, I’m just a spammer.

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