Gatlinburg is on fire

Gatlinburg is the place I went with youth groups as a teen. Gatlinburg is where Doug and I were married. Our first weekend alone as a married couple was in Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg is where I’ve gone for work related conventions. Gatlinburg is where we take our family for entertainment. Gatlinburg isn’t somewhere we visit for […]

open your windows

Keeping your windows open for the one week of perfect weather every fall makes up for the emergency heat running the entire month of January. Mostly.

But don’t put your tongue on a flagpole

The 10-y-o and the 13-y-o were having a lengthy and slightly agitated discussion about extreme cold. A: “Well, C said that she knew somebody who peed outside and the pee froze before it hit the ground.” E: “You can make pee-sicles?” A: “That’s what I heard.” Then, Dad chimed in with a lecture about temperatures, […]

Winter in the South

Day One: Businesses started closing before the precipitation began to fall. Naysayers mock the fortitude of our collective character. Children play. Crockpots hum. Happiness and calm rule. One day of bad weather and then the Southern normalcy of sweater and a jacket weather will return. That’s what always happens. Day Two: The entirety of the […]

cold snap

In preparation for the three days of actual winter that begin this evening, I stocked up on food for the dogs, cats and snake. Everyone has new books to read and all of the blankets are clean. I shouldn’t need to leave the house until it is warm again. What? I forgot food for people? […]

Three years ago…

This week in 2011, everyone across the state tweeted as the storms pummeled their community. The political nattering was silent as we all supported, encouraged and comforted one another. In real life, neighborhoods worked together to clean up the destruction. The sound of chainsaws was followed by months of construction noise. The memories are still […]

protect my nest

Random thought after listening to the trash can get blown down the driveway by a strong gust of wind: Since our smoke detector *talks to us and the connected thermostat knows the weather conditions, how difficult would it be for tornado warning alerts to be sent to the talking smoke detector? “Go to the basement. […]

snow day survival

It is day three of the harrowing experience known as snow days. Schools are closed. Businesses have barricaded their doors to prevent french toast looters. The outdoors is quiet and magical. Indoor volume is rapidly approaching hearing damage level. The house reeks of burnt popcorn. The kitchen trash is piled too high to close the […]