Hey McCain, epic fail!

I will NOT question Sarah Palin’s feminism. Feminism is about the freedom to be who you want to be and not be limited by someone else’s inability to accept that women are not a lesser gender. I do not care if people talk about how beautiful she is. Complaining about a politician’s appearance is as silly as complaining about them being too charismatic. I don’t care if she has some relatives with problems. I will not participate in paranoid conspiracy theories. I do take issue with anyone who thinks that women will automatically vote for another woman. The only thing that matters is that I disagree with Sarah Palin’s politics. I think her policies are an environmental and ecological disaster. I think that her outspoken anti-choice stance is extremely dangerous, not just for abortion rights, but for the right to prevent pregnancy. I think her stance against marriage rights for all people is wrong. Teaching creationism and abstinence only sex education in schools is backward.

I am sick to death of otherwise sane people cackling like the Graeae about people instead of policies. Post after post about someone’s pantsuit or someone else’s haircut is a distraction we don’t need. You don’t know what I’m talking about? How about this – I don’t like the way Michelle claps as though she’s afraid a fingernail will break. It is as insincere looking as the beauty queen parade wave. Does that matter? No! Do I think everything Obama wants to do is possible? No. Ten years to free ourselves of our addiction to foreign oil? Not going to happen. Instead of laughing about the impossibility of that, I know that we have to keep moving in the direction to make it happen. I believe that the erosion of civil rights, the disappearing middle class and the increasing us against them attitude is bad for America. I believe that a hot-tempered, older version of George Bush will do less for this country than an intelligent, well-spoken, idealistic, young dreamer.

Now, stop calling anyone who disagrees with you made-up names and start acting like we are all on the same team. We all want what is best and no matter who is elected, we have to work together to do the right thing. This planet is too small to do otherwise. Somebody make an online election advent calendar and let’s look forward November sixth. November fifth is officially the “accept what we have and make it work” day.

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