Mean Season

The closer we get to November 6th, 2012, the more I find myself tsk-tsking and shaking my head in disbelief at the behavior of campaigns and voters. I need this post to serve as a placeholder for four years in the future, in case I find myself asking the question that I’ve been mumbling with […]

August 18, 1920 is not ancient history

In my idealistic imagination, I drape certain occupations in robes of dedication, purpose and diligence. The realist in me recognizes the value of consciously attending to documentation, rules and authority. In my head, idealism and realism are a necessary partnership. I see the election commission as the group who invisibly make a complicated task look […]

19th Century Dreamers

When the topic of conversation at the neighborhood swimming pool is: “Bicyclists deserve to be run over when they ride on streets.” Nobody wants to hear a single thought about alternative transportation, the environment, physical fitness or bike paths. Any attempts to have such a discussion will kill the conversation and get your face melted […]

Whaddya think about OWS?

Every person I have met the past five days has asked me almost immediately what my opinion is about Occupy Wall Street. Based on the sheer amount of discussion it has inspired, Occupy Wall Street has already made a difference. It feels like the test question of the year. How you answer it determines if […]

D is the new R

My father is an extremely conservative, white, Southern Baptist male. He also loves Drudge Report and has a 1950’s attitude about race and gender. Tomorrow, he is driving to what Newscoma lovingly terms as Hoots for the funeral of his cousin. My father will be one of the most liberal people at that funeral. Today’s […]

Just a girl

“She gets migraines” is the new “but what if she’s on her period” and it’s equally silly.

because Twitter isn’t my real estate

“Things I don’t care about: 1. A twitpic of underpants. 2. How someone eats their food.” “Things I do care about: 1. My children wearing clean underpants. 2. All children having healthy food to eat.” A few minutes after I tweeted, I saw this.


When the southern strategy was cleverly played to use fear and ignorance for political gain, did people know it was happening the way we are currently aware of the religion strategy being used for the same political game?

social media reactions

Far left: Rapidly tweeting the one-liners that late night comedians will use all week. No credit will be given to original authors. *Far right: Scolding left on their disrespectful use of humor on such a serious occasion as the creation of a worse enemy. Bush fans: The President had nothing to do with this event. […]