The rules: Southerners must plant things

It doesn’t matter if it’s an apartment balcony of coffee can planters or a carefully rototilled and trellised garden, southerners are compelled to plant things in the spring. It can be a windowsill of Scarborough Fair herbs. It can be a wine barrel of peppers. In the spring, southerners are required to garden. In the […]

Mow. Mow. Mow.

“The lawn needs mowing again and there are so many weeds, you could host the weed eaters central competition here.” “If our yard was flowers instead of grass, would I still have to mow every week?” “No, you wouldn’t. Get out there and start planting flowers.” “Wait. What?”

The other story

A few weeks ago, the stump of a tree we had removed became home to a colony of mushrooms. The mushrooms were so large and numerous that an entire race of hookah smoking caterpillars could have been living in our front yard. As tempting as it was to touch the velvet-like tops and the lace-like […]