perils of marketing

“I want to see the Deadpool movie.”
“But, it looks funny.”
“I’ll ask Grandaddy to take me.”
“Then, I’ll wait and watch it on Netflix.”
“Why are you being mean? I’ll be the only person in the world who doesn’t get to see it.”

Monday in list form

  • Youngest child wakes feeling too puny for school.
  • Spend morning failing to accomplish anything because sick child needs a drink, snack, blanket, remote, cat, etc.
  • Leave sick child on couch with big brother in charge of him.
  • Go to sick child’s school to make copies for his teacher.
  • Zone out and end up at Target instead.
  • Observe a moron walking down the street while using a bong.
  • Spend two hours making copies, cutting, collating, etc.
  • Jam color copier with a line of teachers waiting to use the machine.
  • Crawl around on workroom floor to get copies that slid under copier.
  • Go home and force sick child to get dressed.
  • Take sick child to Pede.
  • Answer email in waiting room.
  • Sick child tests positive for strep.
  • Buy dog food because we are completely out.
  • Sit at pharmacy and wait for script. “No, I’m not buying Legos for you today.”
  • Go home and feed furry children.
  • Shove med syringe in script bottle and break bottle.
  • Laundry & Dishes
  • Make a list instead of an actual blog post.
  • Stare blankly out window.

Not Super

Our school Superintendent is resigning at the end of the school year. Maybe he was asked to leave. Maybe he was told to leave. Whatever the details, the end result remains that our school system will be leaderless at the end of this school year.

I do not care about your feelings for the departing Superintendent. Love him or hate him, this statement in Mike Donila’s article is true:

“The current political environment has become increasingly dysfunctional,” said McIntyre, who was hired in the spring of 2008. “At times overtly antagonistic, and seemingly untenable. At recent months the focus of the conversation has all too often become about me, or the school board or other elected officials, rather than around the effective education of our children.”

During the lengthy search that brought this Superintendent to us, it was clear from the top candidate profiles that the School Board wanted to hire someone who would bring more money into our underfunded school system. Less than two years after the Superintendent was hired, the county elected a Mayor known for penny pinching and slashing budgets. There was never going to be a harmonious work relationship between two elected officials with such opposing professional goals. Whoever is hired to replace the Superintendent will still be tasked with finding more funding. Until education is more valued in our community and senior citizens cease to be the largest group of voters, replacing the Superintendent will not change how the school system interacts with the county Mayor.

Ultimately, all blame for what went wrong with the Superintendent falls on the shoulders of the School Board. They hired him. He is their employee. Instead of supervising their hire or making decisions based on what is in the best interest of our schools, our board has been reduced to being for or against the Superintendent. When vote after vote comes down to the same group voting yes and the same group voting no, nobody is putting the schools first.

Homemade Gifts

My siblings and I exchange homemade gifts every Christmas. It is much more fun than trying to shop for the perfect thing with a limited budget. This year, Doug made wind chimes and I made cat toys.
Each year we hand make Christmas presents for the like aged people in the family (brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws). This year we made wind chimes. I am quite pleased with the results.crinkly noise

Last year we made decorative bottle lights and paired them with a matching unopened bottle of adult beverage. Expect to lose a few bottles to cracks if you make these.

In 2013, we made lighted garlands in orange for the sportsball fans and holiday colors for everyone else. Cheap scissors gave me blisters and the joints on my aging hands swelled up cartoonishly. Invest in good scissors before you attempt this craft.
Orange & White rag tie garland

In 2012, we made ornaments from old books. I used my grandmother‘s old teacher textbooks and it hurt my mother’s heart. If you decide to make these ornaments, buy a McKay’s copy of the recipient’s favorite book and use that instead.
first ball

Next year will be challenging since one brother and his family will be living in one of the -stan countries. Let the planning begin.

playing with fire

“Noah says that I should ask you what happened to all the matches.”
“I can tell by the smile on your face that he told on me.”
“He said you put an entire box of matches in the wood stove.”
“The fire wouldn’t start. I got annoyed and scattered matches to see if it helped the kindling catch fire. Then, we heard you walk in the house just as the matches started popping and I told Noah not to tell you that I had a Kylo Ren tantrum.”
“The fire is burning now, though.”
“Noah got it started without any effort… or matches.”

vanishing innocence

“I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Even that really bad German man who killed everybody would have liked me.”

Age ten developmental milestone that was not in my child development class: Awareness of privilege