It’s not that every ceremony, every party, every pin put on a shirt and every little thing in and of itself is causing the tears. It’s that they are all one event. It is one monumental ending and every little thing is screaming in my face that I have to let go. That time is […]

Buttercup & Westley

Six weeks ago, my mother called me during a workday. My mother only calls during work hours if something important is happening. It makes my heart race the same way that calls after midnight do. This call was not an exception to that rule. One of my mother’s co-workers heard noises coming from a kitchen […]


Sometimes, I check the weather in Starving Artist’s city because I want to know if the sun is shining on her. I want her days to be sunny.

Sawyer says:

He: “I want orange!” Me: “Why must everything be orange?” He: “It’s my favorite color.” Me: “Why?” He: “Because Grandaddy likes it.”

Today’s euphemism: adult time

Our beaker is extremely full. Adult time is so important that it should be a large rock. In reality, it is somewhere between gravel and sand. The boulders that take top priority don’t just make time something that we have to use whenever it is available, they complicate space availability. In other words, if we […]

virtual love

Me: “You won’t find the person you are meant to be with if you never leave the house.” Tommy: “I’m going to meet someone on WoW.” Updated with a bonus Tommyism: Tommy and a friend decided that they were going to a party. I got upset that Tommy couldn’t provide me with an address of […]