musical torture

Due to the unexpected absence of fender benders and traffic jams between home and the private school on the west edge of town, we arrived to basketball practice half an hour early. The school gym is extremely popular and arriving early means standing in the hallway waiting while boys endlessly try to jump high enough […]

Dear younger self,

Someday in the future, a Queen song on the radio will cause the entire family to have a sing-a-long that will cure crankypants AND turn frowns upside down. Those songs aren’t just “taking up space.” Knowing all those lyrics will actually improve your life. Keep singing off-key and excessively loud. Love, Future Self

parenting and the radio

When you’re chatting in the car and the child says, “turn up the radio” mid-conversation, it means they want you to stop talking and leave them alone. When your child says they like a song that was released before they were born, it was either: A. a song on Glee, “Yes, but Glee did it […]


Supertween has been singing a single line from a Sound of Music song for days. “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.” I offered to look up all the lyrics to the song. “No. I like this part. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night. I […]

Walter’s Records

Walter’s records are a character with dialogue on Fringe. I sat down to throw together (and gift myself) a quick iMix of the perfectly chosen music for Walter, but that feature seems to have vanished from iTunes. Although most of the classical pieces are placeholders while I choose my favorite version, here is my still […]

He vs She – patience

She: “How did you get so many wonderfully curated Pandora stations? I wasted an entire day pushing songs up and down and I still can’t get an hour of good music.” He: “Only a day?”

conversation with a neighborhood teen

He: “Did you hear there’s only one Beatle left?” Me: “There are two Beatles alive.” He: “Nuh-uh. George Harrison died.” Me: “Yes he did, but there are still two Beatles alive.” He: “Wow. They must be really old.”