Love you too, dear

Doug: “You see this old person here? <- points at me -> She has lived and learned and you need to start listening to her.” Teenager: <- giggling -> “Mom’s looking at you funny, dad.”

a couple of wild & crazy guys

While the rest of the world was posting spring break Saturday night pictures from the beach, amusement parks and clubs, we spent our evening making up the lyrics to “I love my dollar toy” while the cat played fetch. I like to think of our work of art as the B side to Smelly Cat.


I am cry about everything years old. I cry when a fictional character in a book dies. I cry watching commercials. I cry when somebody else is sad. I cry when I’m happy. As soon as I hear someone saying, “awww,” I know I’m going to be crying soon. I cry so often that I […]

hair color

My hair started to run out of melanin when I was in high school. All of my hair color now comes from a box. After decades of painting my white hair canvas, I found myself with a batch of color that had gone bad. Instead of being the consistency of good conditioner, the color mix […]