Valentine’s Day – senior style

Friday afternoon, my father called and asked me if I could fill one of those “music players you put in your pocket” with romantic songs. After telling him it’s called an ipod, I told him it wouldn’t be a problem. Then he clarified that by romantic music, he meant “good stuff like Andy Williams or […]

shopping assistant

Grandaddy: “I’m at the bookstore and I need to find something for your mother.” Me: “Do you want to give her a book, music or coffee?” Grandaddy: “I want to get a CD and one book.” Me: “Okay. Walk to the music area and find the pop section” Grandaddy: “Found it.” Me: “Look for Jack […]

Mr. Magoo called me

I like talking to Mr. Magoo. We don’t agree on politics, but I try to avoid responding to anything that I know will upset him. Mr. Magoo is closer to 70 than he is to 60 and time has left fingerprints on his vision and hearing. Mr. Magoo likes to do things with his friends. […]