Water wasters

The characters in romance novels are the opposite of environmentalists when it comes to wasting water. They shower half a dozen times a day. Their hair must be moldy from never actually drying. Hot showers. Cold showers. Long, long showers. They must have magical water heaters and someone else paying their water bills.

my life is booby trapped

The very best time to realize that the children used all the conditioner and refilled the empty bottle with water is when you are still blinking from rinsing shampoo out of your eye. Then, you get to listen to the very limited hot water pointlessly pouring down the shower drain while sit on the bathroom […]

trauma for me and thee

Today was give the stinky dog a bath day. My dogs don’t like baths, so I straddle them like a horse and hold them with my legs. Since the dogs spend the entire bath trying to escape, this is a lot like jello wrestling a piglet. No. It’s more like mud wrestling except that I […]

entertainment or embarrassment

Our only bathtub is broken. Wait, that’s too far in to the story. Sarah’s summer art assignment was a large body of work in a variety of media with a common theme. For reasons unknown to anyone, Sarah chose soup cans for her theme. The last week of summer, with her deadline for completion staring […]