special needs cars

When I was a child, my parents had a car that would die at red lights. Before the light turned green, my mother had to jump out of the car, pop the hood and do something under the hood to restart the car. I didn’t think there was anything odd about this. As far as […]

evil car commercials

Sarah was sitting at the table painting. She was crabby that she’d been kicked out of her room so that Amy could sleep. Suddenly, she perked up. “I love this song.” She walked in the living room to see why one of her songs was on the television. Her jaw dropped to the floor and […]

no student drivers

Tommy: “Why don’t you ever let Sarah or I drive when you’re in the car?” Me: “Because I am delicately balanced between sanity and insanity. Your father is already insane, so he has nothing to lose. He will teach you to drive.” Tommy: “Oh, that makes sense.”