Crafting Day

“I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense. When Alexa is on, the Silhouette cuts rhomboid. Listen to music with your headphones for the next hour.” “What do you think of this? Should it have a different design? Is the color wrong? Is this a good size?” “What is it?” “Nevermind. If you don’t understand […]

Valentine boxes

A year ago, Doug and I took the two youngest children to AC BuyMoore for supplies to make Valentine boxes. You know, the homework assignment to decorate a shoebox for classmates to put tiny cards, candy and stickers in on Valentine’s Day. Teachers now make this assignment with the caveat, “Be creative.” Anyway, Doug and […]

They can’t even re-gift it

My brothers and I have a homemade only rule for ourselves every Christmas. Last year, Doug made lollipop trees for each of them. My children heartily approved. This year, I am using my extremely limited crafting skills to make something simple, but time consuming. The result is that several hundred times a day, the children […]

Remember gum wrapper chains?

I can’t remember if it was a babysitter or a Girl Scout who taught me how to make gum wrapper chains. I do remember my mother’s bewilderment when she found all of her gum robbed of wrappers and carelessly returned to her Mary Poppins-ish purse of treasures. I remember buying gum based on the colors […]

Elementary school homework

Me: “I stapled my thumb and broke two fingernails, but I think Amy’s project is done now. How’s Evan’s project?” Doug: “I electrocuted myself.” Me: “You win.”