Hot spot

I don’t run a fever. Ever. I think it’s because my feet act as a refrigerator. Well, they’re normally a fridge, but in the winter, my feet are ice cubes. Frozen feet make getting comfortable enough to sleep next to impossible. Your spouse may promise to love, honor and warm your feet, but that last […]

This story is background for another story

The weekend before Christmas, I asked everyone to help me scrub a layer of dust and dog hair off of everything in the house. Let me be more specific. My exact words were, “I need everyone to help clean the house this weekend. We have company coming over and there is dog hair and dust […]

I’m a dog toy

Our washing machine is tucked underneath a staircase. At least half a dozen times a day, I am standing at that washing machine to sort, spray, load or unload laundry. At least half a dozen times a day, one or two dogs stand on the stairs with their head poking between the railings to watch […]